Aware of both the privilege of the natural environment in which our Boutique Hotel Maison Dedine is located, as well as the critical issues involved in protecting this environment, we are committed to implementing initiatives to preserve it and continue to offer our guests sustainable and responsible luxury.


In order to enable rational energy use, LED lighting, smart thermostats and water-saving shower heads are in place in all areas of the hotel. Our guests are invited to participate in this effort by choosing to change their room linens daily or every 2 days. This also minimizes the release of cleaning products into the environment.

We are working every day to limit the amount of waste, especially plastic, so we have replaced laundry bags with reusable cloth bags, shopping bags are made of recyclable paper and the use of water jugs in the rooms and at breakfast allows us to eliminate the use of plastic bottles.


Business Ethics

Conscious of the importance of our role as an economic actor in the community, we strive every day to adopt ethical business practices by working with local suppliers and by favoring small artisans over large distribution channels. 

The choice of our partners is strongly influenced by their own social commitment. As such, we are proud to collaborate with two agencies that organize outings and excursions that respect the environment and nature.

We also favor natural and organic products, as for the components of the breakfast where honey, eggs, olive oil and other cereals are from organic farming. A 100% certified organic massage oil is used for the massages.



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